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The Lakwatsero.ME Blog has moved was the original home of The Lakwatsero Travel Blog. This was started in 2009 and now the blog has grown up.

To maximize the power of WordPress I have decided to run this on a self hosted site.

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My trip to Taal Volcano on December 29, 2008 was THE trip that gave birth to The Lakwatsero and my many adventures that were to follow.

For this weekend, my original plan was to go to Donsol which became a Skydiving adventure… which also didn’t push through. So on Friday I decided to go back to Taal Volcano. Why go back? A few nights earlier I saw a travel show on TV (I don’t recall the show or the channel so don’t ask). In the feature the female host talked about being able to cook an egg while in the crater of Taal.

The show made me recall that during the first trip, I remember seeing down to people who went to the water in the crater. I remember asking our guide who said that it was possible. What he didn’t quite explain was how and where to go. Anyway… it was decided… BACK TO TAAL I go!

Taal Volcano

What was to follow was a different experience from the first, and I was very happy with this Lakwatsa.

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Posted by: Jojo Ayson | February 22, 2010

Blondie’s Pizza – San Francisco, Feb 22, 2010

LA-SEA-SFO-20080213 237

On my way back to the Bart station after roaming the streets of San Francisco, I was a little hungry. I wanted to drop by McDonald’s (yes… McDo) for their Mushroom and Swiss Angus Burgers when I remembered… Blondie’s Pizza!

Blondie’s is my favorite Pizza in the entire world. It’s flavorful and oozing with… oil! YUM! I know there are a few branches, but the only one I have ever been to is the one Powell street, right next to the Cable Car turnstile and the huge Gap store.

LA-SEA-SFO-20080213 238


My last two trips to Blondie’s years back has been somewhat traumatic… hehe. When you are there around lunch time, it is full and the people behind the counter are very impatient… ala Sienfeld’s Soup Nazi. They pressure you into spurting out an order immediately. At around 3pm… things were a little slow. Whew!

LA-SEA-SFO-20080213 239

With all the different “flavors” I chose a plain Pepperoni Pizza. I actually didn’t like pepperoni before… until I had my first one at Blondie’s.

LA-SEA-SFO-20080213 240

I went down to the someone dim-lit dinning area enjoyed my slice of pizza. I should have ordered 2 slices.

LA-SEA-SFO-20080213 242

Posted by: Jojo Ayson | February 22, 2010

Walking around San Francisco – Feb 22, 2010

I had a meeting in downtown San Francisco. The meeting was set at 2:30pm but I arrived via BART at around 12:30 so I had time to walk around. San Francisco is my favorite US City. Full of life and color. Here are a few scenes from my little walk…

The famous ferry building

The Ferry Building

LA-SEA-SFO-20080213 183

High tech self-cleaning street toilet

LA-SEA-SFO-20080213 187 


LA-SEA-SFO-20080213 236

LA-SEA-SFO-20080213 226

Bike messengers resting under a scultpure

LA-SEA-SFO-20080213 209

LA-SEA-SFO-20080213 218

LA-SEA-SFO-20080213 205 

And of course, ang walang kamatayang Cable Car

Posted by: Jojo Ayson | February 7, 2010

Mount Pinatubo Sky Tour, Clark Field, Pampanga – Feb 7, 2010

I had made the Mt. Pinatubo Trek twice last year. The first was on January 3, 2009 with Jasper and Dru, then the following month on February 8, 2009 with Binggoy, Bong. Chris, and RJ. Also in Pampanga, I tried the ultra-lite plane ride around Mt. Arayat at the Angeles City Flying Club on April 25, 2009.

This time, I combined the two and took the Mount Pinatubo Sky Tour through Omni Aviation ( I first heard about this through Ivan Henares when he blogged about it last year. Omni Aviation is actually owned by my cousin, Ben Hur Gomez, but I didn’t want to use that info when I called to make a reservation (nahiya ako) so I paid the full amount.

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